Security Services
We provide comprehensive security services that come with the assurance of high reliability and efficiency. Our personnel undergo intensive training regimes to endow them with the ability to adeptly handle all manners of emergencies and contingencies. With a database of recruits that include ex-servicemen from the Indian Army, we provide our customers with unmatched expertise & experience in security management.

 Royal Guards

Royal Guards is a leading provider of contract manned guarding services to major corporations , government agencies and a wide range of industrial and commercial customers. The company’s services include Manned Guarding Service, Executive protection, Event Security Management, Cash management Services, Facilities Management and advance training.
 Royal Guards Overview
The core business values at Royal Guards are preventing losses and averting eventualities thanks to the dedicated team efforts of our guards.Vast experience, foresight, professionalism and reliability are the pillars that the company is founded on. Thus, we at Royal Guards are engaged in the task of providing you a fearless society. The disparity is made by our people at Royal Guards.

The team at Royal Guards is formed of mostly service personnel inducted from the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), ex-policemen and ex-servicemen.

We believe training our personnel plays a key role in maintaining the standard & quality of our services. The training derived by the service personnel at the start of their career helps them in being organized and disciplined, and we realize that in order to deliver what you need the most could be achieved through continuous efforts of imbibing regular training sessions. Royal Guards difference lies in nurturing personnel's to acquire additional responsibilities. Thus, instilling confidence in the workforce to achieve the best performance in the task defined

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